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Returns Policy 

Items made on order can be returned with certain conditions.

We are a small workshop and we work mostly on order so please be certain you really want the item you are about to order. We accept returns if the product greatly differs from the one ordered, is too small or needs very big alterations.


Before the item is sent, you will receive pictures of how it turned out and it will be placed on an adjustable mannequin set on your own measurements so you can see the fit. 

There have not been any cases of the dress not fitting the client and if there was the need of alterations, these were minimal, like a raised hem in the front or a small waist adjustment. If that is the case, you can also send a message and you will receive more details (written or video ) about the construction of the dress and how to best modify it. 

If you happen to be unhappy with your order, we will discuss about the problem and come up with an agreeable solution. 

Shipping costs will be covered by the client and if it's not a matter of bad fitting or a mistake on our part , a certain percentage of the item cost may not be refunded, to cover some of the fabric costs. 

If a situation happens and you have to return a product, we will be in touch and settle all the details. 

Made-to-order designs & ready-to-wear                                                                                                           

Customize your pick and get the dress of your dreams!   

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