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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

This is Crista, a dressmaker who turned her love of beautiful images into something that you can wear.

This is the first entry to this blog where I am planning to write about the process of making couture gowns and other items that you can find here, on this site. If some dress caught your eye, i am sure that any insight into the making of it will add to the beauty you already saw and appreciated.

I've been doing this a while now and still ... each dress has its own story, it's own unique details and even if the design is the same to begin with, each it's different in its own ways. Perhaps it's the painting. These painted details are each free hand, made and retouched, and follow the individual proportions of each dress. They are also distributed as to flatter the silhouette and sometimes I find myself staring at the mannequin and wondering how and where to position a single leaf, so as to best integrate it and create a balanced painting on the multidimensional shape of a gown.

painting a taffeta dress
Me painting one of the very first dresses i made, at home, in my workroom-transformed bedroom

Or maybe it's the construction of the dress and the little alterations I make when they are required to best suit the client's body type, like a different neckline, a longer train or some inner elements that will make the dress more comfortable. Plus, I am always trying to improve and learn new things, new techniques that will result in a better product. New fabrics have different properties and some may drape differently and need adjustments. Which paint works on which fabric & fabric color, these are all things that I need to test and make new samples of, before presenting them to a potential client.

It's all a continuous discovery and a rewarding one. At the end I get to see a dress that will, in its own turn, witness another story, sometimes thousands of miles away.

I will continue by presenting the making of certain dresses and maybe a few words from the person that got to wear it and anything that may help you paint a better picture about the pieces presented here.

All the best,


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