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How do i order ? 


The best way is to use the contact form before buying the product. This way we can talk about how long it will take the product to be made and in the case of custom orders, where other colors or types of fabric are needed,  we can see what are the available options first. 

Read more here. (soon)

Are all items made to order ?

Most items are indeed made based on your own measurements and preferences and will require a certain amount of time until the order is ready. 


However, there are some products which are already in stock and they will be specified in each product's page with details on the sizes and product characteristics. You can always ask to have that item on an adjustable mannequin ( set on your own measurements) to see how it would look on you. 

What measurements do you need ? 

You will receive instructions based on the specific item you want to order. 

For gowns, the circumference around the bust and waist and your height, with and without heels will be the main values required, as well as some other optional measurements. You can take them yourself or with the help of another person. 

How long does it take for a dress to be made ? 

It depends a lot on the volume of work already existent. The best way to know is to ask! I cannot emphasize this enough. Sometimes it can take months, but sometimes there may be some free days and an urgent order can be made in a week or so. 

We can also schedule a time that works best for both parties, in the case of dresses that are to be made for a future event (a year length time lets say). 

In general, unpainted blouses will usually take a few days until they are made and sent.

Do you provide International delivery?


Yes, all items are available for delivery worldwide and depending on the location and time needed, we will advise on the best shipping method. 

What are your delivery options?

The standard method used and covered by the free worldwide shipping offer is Priority Post, a service which includes tracking. 

Express delivery, a service which brings the package to your door and requires a signature, is available as well for a 15 Euro upgrade. This will shorten the shipping time with 2-3 days and it will require a phone number.

In case of an urgent order, your item can be send by DHL or FedEx . In these cases, terms and details will be discussed on an individual basis.

See Shipping Policy for more information. 


How do I track my order?

After the package is sent, you will receive a tracking number which you can use to locate your item on an international tracking site.  

How do I return an item?


If you are not satisfied with your order, we will discuss the issues and come up with an agreeable solution. All the details will be supplied if needed. 

See Returns Policy for more information. 

Made-to-order designs & ready-to-wear                                                                                                           

Customize your pick and get the dress of your dreams!   

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